Jewelry Masterclass

Be(ad) Stunning! Masterclass

This is the first, and so far the only, online course ever created to teach you an almost forgotten and over a 100 years old jewelry crafting technique.

Croatian women created and lovingly preserved this culturological gem for generations, without ever leaving a written trail of the process.
The only way to learn how to handcraft this stunning beaded statement jewelry was by observing and modeling elderly women in the community.

Until now :)

Take a look... (music in background)

What will you learn

How to handcraft a unique beaded statement necklace (see it up close in the video above),
how you can make your own variations of this jewelry, to match your style.

What's unique about it

The skill of handcrafting this jewelry is an official intangible cultural heritage of Croatia.

You'll be one of a thousand women who can do this.

I never made jewelry before

That ok.
No previous experience in jewelry making is required.
That's why this is a Masterclass!

Best of all, once you learn to handcraft the basic elements, you can craft beautiful variations of your own!


Take a look at the gorgeous necklaces made by students of the "Be(ad) Stunning!" Masterclass!

YOU can do it too!
Remember to send me pictures :)

When you join the Masterclass, expect to...

  • Enjoy the MEDITATIVE EASE emerging as you focus on the beads.
    No mantra chanting or pretzel-like sitting required.
  • Experience the excitement of a HANDMADE CRAFTING process... It's addictive. In a good way!
  • Express your CREATIVE GENIUS and design variations of your own.
    Yes, you actually ARE a genius, and you'll have brilliant jewelry to prove it!
  • Evoke CONFIDENCE and BEAUTY by wearing this exquisite statement piece
  • Enrich your life by acquiring a UNIQUE NEW SKILL.
    Bragging rights granted immediately.
  • Expand your previous knowledge of beaded jewelry making.
    If you are ALREADY an EXPERIENCED jewelry artisan, that is.
Oh, and... did you know Miss Croatia wore this necklace
to the Miss World beauty pageant?
Miss-Croatia-wears-craaloosh jewelry

7 things you should know about Miss Croatia

Thing #1 Miss Croatia will be wearing a statement necklace to Miss world pageant, which I will personally handcraft f...
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The Masterclass includes:

* over 3 hours of content
* downloadable ebook and outlines
* full list of needed materials (beads, threads...)
* lifetime access
* Certificate of completion, and
Jewelry making Masterclass_ Student's testimonial
See you in the Masterclass!